Monday May 5th 2014 will be known as Killing Joke day as they release 4 projects.

Firstly comes Jaz Coleman’s book titled Letters From Cythera- which talks about how the occult sciences have shaped his outlook on life as he plans to compose 13 pieces over a 5/6 year period - this is accompanied with The Island , a symphony composed to celebrate his New Zealand citizenship.

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Killing Joke - Communion

The madness overwhelmed, I lost control

It was cut out for each stain upon my soul 

Brigther Than A 1000 Suns
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Killing Joke - Live at Alabamahalle, Munich, 25 March 1985

Footage of an entire concert in Germany on the Night Time tour.


Ski Patrol - Agent Orange (featuring Jaz Coleman on synth)

A haunting, Vietnam War-themed song from a post-punk band active between 1979 and 1981. Originally from Sunderland, in the northeast of England, singer Ian Lowery and guitarist Nick Clift formed Ski Patrol in Brixton, south London. They soon relocated to Killing Joke’s stomping ground Ladbroke Grove, so that’ll be where Jaz came into the equation. 

I don’t know who directed this excellent video, which came out recently to coincide with the release of a compilation, but if anyone knows feel free to message us…

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Album of the Day: Killing Joke - Self titled - 1980

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Killing Joke - Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove

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  • Question: Conspiracy theorists? You really are a moron. There are pics of KJ members with Masonic paraphanalia and Jaz's book outlines he has been part of various secret societies. You're full of shit mate. - Anonymous
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